Regie Hamm's journey over the last 10 years has had all the twists, turns, and drama of a Hollywood movie. Only this wasn't Hollywood, and the cast weren't actors. A hit artist, producer, and songwriter, Regie Hamm has penned over 20 #1 hits, many of them in the Christian market. He hit the Top 20 as an artist on the pop charts, and he saw his self-written song "Time Of My Life" stay at #1 for 4 months on the pop charts. Oprah called it the "theme song of the 2008 Summer Olympics," and David Cook announced that with the song, Regie had hit a chord with people.

But the real story is Regie's personal journey --- He was raised in Pentecostal churches, tent revivals, and all night singings. Feeling born to create music, he experienced unprecedented success in the music industry in the 90's with Grammy and Dove nominations, and winning SESAC's Songwriter of the Year award four different times. But nothing would prepare him for the drama he would face in adopting a little girl from China, discovering her severe genetic disorder, and feeling helpless as he watched a life and a career spin out of control. Regie's story is one of a man and his family overcoming enormous obstacles -- a journey that would test not only his physical resources, but his faith. It is the rise, the fall, and the ultimate surrender of a man to God's will, and the powerful journey that brought him full circle.

Regie's amazing journey is chronicled in his book, Angels & Idols, and has been optioned for a Hollywood film.




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